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Stream Reports

Real-Time River Water Levels by the US Geological Survey

Cohocton River

Avoca Area, Avoca Reference: 3.3 on the graph is fishable, but very high.

Near Campbell, Campbell Reference: 2.3 on the graph is very high but not flooded.

Qatka Creek

Quick Graph of Oatka, Oatka Reference: 3.4 on the graph is very high. Take life vest when higher.

Upstream Graph of Oatka (Warsaw). A good indication of what is coming downstream towards the Oatka Fish & Game Club, Genesee Country Museum, Twin Bridges, Oatka Park, Garbut and Scottsville.


Quick Graph of Cattaraugus, Cattaraugus Reference: 1.5 to 2.0 will work nicely.

Genesee River

Quick Graph at Ford Street, 1,500-2,500 cfs is about ideal.

Fly Shop Reports

Salmon River Daily Update by Whitaker's Sports Shop

Salmon River outlet at Douglaston