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Meeting: Monday, January 21st
Fly Fishing Oak Orchard

The Canandaigua Lake Chapter of Trout Unlimited will welcome Ron Bierstine from Orleans Outdoors in Albion, NY, to the Chapter meeting on Monday, January 21st at 730pm, at the Canandaigua VA Medical Center. Ron is centrally located to the best western New York Great Lakes tributaries including the Oak Orchard River, Johnson Creek, Eighteen Mile Creek, Marsh Creek, Niagara River, and Genesee River. Because of the diversity of tribs to fish, there is always some productive water during the fall, winter or spring. Come to the Monday meeting to hear first-hand experience fishing this area and feel free to ask your questions.

Friends and visitors are always welcome.
We will have our usual raffle.
So . . . Remember to bring dollars or flies!

Need directions the to VA Medical Center? Click directions

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Chapter T-Shirts are available at monthly meetings. $15. See Norm Brust or Jean Chaintreuil. Or, send an email request with your name, address, and size (M, L, XL) to Jean Chaintreuil.

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The Canandaigua Lake Trout Derby has been set for June 1 and 2, 2013. And with Canandaigua Lake TU a major sponsor, we will again need a little assistance from members and friends at the weigh station on the north end of the lake. Please contact David Morrow to offer a little bit of your time -- only an hour or two. We are sure you will enjoy your efforts. Thanks. Contact David by email or phone, 1.585.750.2948.

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Fly Tying School

The first class is Wednesday, January 23rd; 7-9pm.

This year's Fly Tying School will be another outstanding event. Gerry Luzum and Dick Steinheider have been working on the school almost every day. Everything is just about ready. The Chapter web pages concerning the school are now updated. Go take a look. Class will be limited, so if you have any interest, contact Dick Steinheider NOW.

Class size will be limited, so if you have any interest, contact Dick Steinheider NOW. Contact Dick by email or call 1.585.381.9404.

The school web page also has a link to the 2013 poster (the link is near the bottom, left side). The Committee would like to encourage you to print a couple of posters and then place them at strategic locations to get students.

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Aberle Eye Care

Tying a Bead Head Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail

Author, fly tier and blogger Matt Grobert ties a classic go-to winter pattern, the bead head soft hackle pheasant tail. He ties it on a size 16 Dai Riki #730 2X long nymph hook, using a 3/32″ gold bead. ”Dead drift it, swing it, or do a little of both,” says tier and videographer Tim Flagler.

Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/ctm4lte

How to Sharpen Fly Tying Scissors

1. At home, sharpening depends on the skill set of the individual. Some people are great with whetstones and ceramic towers or files, while other people have no skill set at all. For those who know how to sharpen knives and scissors with whetstones or jig set ups, a 30- to 35-degree angle is a good starting point. (Different scissors have different angles, so start with 30 degrees and move upward from there.) Only sharpen the non-serrated blade. Sharpening a serrated blade will remove the serrations.

2. For those folks who do not have the sharpening knowledge, I suggest a knife/scissors sharpening service. Most areas have an individual who comes to town couple times a week and picks up knives from restaurants and scissors from beauty parlors/hair-cutting joints. My best advice is to call your local hair-cutting place and find out who does their sharpening. Last time I checked, our local service charged around $10.00 per scissor.

3. Last point: Don’t wait until your scissor blades are completely dull and rounded off. One wants to keep a keen edge on the blade (just like on a good kitchen knife). Once the blade is too far rounded off (dull beyond belief), then the process to re-install a new edge can cause trouble, as material must be removed to re-establish an edge. That can mess with the scissors’ camber–the action where the two blades sweep against each other to create the cutting action. Remove too much material and they won’t sweep or cut very well.
~~ Steve Fournier, owner of Dr. Slick

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Advanced Fly Tying Class
“Swing Fly Fishing, the Next Chapter”
David Agness, Instructor

The Canandaigua Lake Chapter of Trout Unlimited is now taking reservations for an Advanced Fly Tying Session, “Swing Fly Fishing, the Next Chapter” with David Agness. The session will be held Saturday February 23rd, 10:00am to 1:00pm at the Canandaigua Wood Library. Breakfast is provided at Patty’s Place in Canandaigua at 8:30am prior to the session.


David Agness will demonstrate, and the registrants will tie several of David’s favorite flies for swing fishing the tributaries of the great lakes; learning new technique, materials, sources and applications in various streams and conditions. David, an avid Two Handed Fly Fisherman from Honeoye Falls spoke at the Chapter’s September 2012 meeting discussing Spey fly fishing for Salmon and Steelhead. This session will fill out the “Rest of the Story” about Swing Flies and how to fish them in the local tributaries.


An advance registration donation of $20 covers breakfast instruction and materials. The registrants should bring their own vise and tying tools, with unique tying materials provided by David. Session size is limited so advance registration is required. For more information contact Dick Steinheider at 585-381-9404 or email steinheide@aol.com for registration. See the Chapter web page for additional detail http://www.canandaigualaketu.org.

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The Fly Shack

Click here to go to The Fly Shack web site.

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The Early Bird Gets the Worm

There is still crowded conditions on the Lake Ontario Tributaries. This weekend all my hot spots had so many anglers laying their fly lines in top of fish that they were very spooky. The water levels still remain very low and clear. The combination of low water, slower flow rates, and lots if anglers put the fish on high alert. They will still move around but, most have lock jaw when it comes to eating a fly or even egg sac.

Time to change tactics; I hit the stream first thing in the morning instead of waiting for the high sun to warm the water. I had to deal with ice forming on my rod guides which made shooting line impossible sometimes. I just held my fly rod under water for a few seconds to melt the ice occasionally, and I was back casting. I had first shot at some fish and landed 3 rainbows in the first 45 minutes, and one six pounds!

Once other fly fishers started to show up with fly lines plopping on top of the fish, they again became very wary.

The next thing I did was downsize my tippet and fly size. I stuck it out a little longer and landed a 7 lb. rainbow and then an 81/2 lb. rainbow, my largest this season. I was the only one hooking fish near me.

Don’t be afraid to change your routine as conditions change and you can still have a great day of fishing as I did.
~~ Kevin Kram (December 10, 2012)

Kevin Kram

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The Art of Fly Casting - $50
Hilton Central School District Community Education

Learn how to hook and land the fish of your dreams! Be ready for trout season. Instruction includes knots, rod, leader and fly line designs. Bring your own equipment: a 5wt.- 6wt. fly rod is recommended. Bring pen and paper. INSTRUCTOR: Kevin Kram is a graduate of the Wulff School of Fly Fishing and a nationally-know fly fisherman.

Four Fridays & One Saturday
Fridays Mar. 8-Mar. 29 - 6 pm–7:30 pm
Saturday Mar. 30 - 10 am-12 noon Salmon Creek
Community Education Registrar: 585-392-1000 ext. 7044

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Carl Coleman's

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Bass Pro Shops

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Travel A Store

Prez sez . .

New year and new things. We start with this month's Annual Fly Tying Classes. This class gets fantastic reviews. Many members help out and enjoy the learning experience as much as, or more than the students. If you would like to help or would like to learn as a student, please contact Richard Steinheider by email or call him at 585.381.9404. The eight classes and the handouts are worth much more than the requested donation.

And Richard Steinheider has also organized an Advanced Fly Tying Saturday with David Agness. Details are above, but if you want to register or get more information, again contact Richard Steinheider by email or call him at 585.381.9404.

I also have information from Jim Cantin ... the Annual Fly Fishing Classes are being finalized and that information will be available at the January meeting and also in future newsletters. But save the date, Saturday, April 27th.

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Chapter T-Shirts are available at monthly meetings. $15. See Norm Brust or Jean Chaintreuil. Or, send an email request with your name, address, and size (M, L, XL) to Jean Chaintreuil. Get one before they are gone!

I'm goin' fishin'. No ... guess I should do some tax returns!
~~ C

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For Sale --

Simms G-4 Pro Waders: M-Short stocking foot, 7-8 men's foot, 39"-40" girth, 29"-30" inseam, $430 list, No leaks. Call Jean Chaintreuil, 585.360.1812. Best offer.

10 weight outfit: Sage Xi2 9 foot, 10 weight. 4 pieces. Ross BG6 reel with extra spool. Retail is $630 rod, $415 reel, and $195 spool. Call Bob Mulcahy at 585.889.8591. Best offer.

Items For Sale:  ??? 
E-mail jpc@travela.com with the details and we will list your item(s) for sale. 
How else can we say it? It's a free Want Ad.

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January 23, Annual Fly tying School begins.
February 16, Guys, Flies and Pies fly tying party
February 18, Chapter meeting. Fly fishing the Cattaragus; Nick Pionessa.
February 23, Advanced Fly Tying Class.
March 18, Chapter meeting. History of the Caledonia Hatchery and NYS brook trout revival, Alan Mack.
April 15, Chapter meeting. Member Matt Smythe tell about his new fly fishing film.
April 27, Annual Fly Fishing School
May 20, Chapter meeting. Bill Becker explains NYC's control of the Catskill reservoir water.
June 1 and 2, Canandaigua Lake Trout Derby
June 1 and 2, Hendrickson Hatch Fly Fishing Tournament, Malone, NY
June 17, Annual Picnic, Canandaigua American Legion Pavilion