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First Meeting of the Season
Trout-N-About Charters,
Sandy Creek

Jason Franz, the owner, charter captain, and tributary and inland fly fishing guide from Trout-N-About Charters (Sandy Creek Marina) will give be our Speaker for the first meeting of the season. Jason will give some helpful tips for fishing Oatka, Oak Orchard, Sandy Creek and the Lake Erie tributaries, including some of his favorite flies for these waters. Jason has 20 years of fly fishing experience in both Lake Ontario tributaries and inland trout streams. He is well known for his exceptional fishing ability, as well as his ability to pass along his knowledge to both the novice and experienced individual. Captain Jason Franz is locally renowned for his knowledge and match-the-hatch fly patterns, including midges down to size 30 and custom tied trolling flies (only available with Trout-N-About). You can also visit Jason's web site: www.troutnaboutcharters.com.

The Canandaigua Lake TU Chapter meeting is on Monday, September 15th. The meeting is at the Canandaigua VA Medical Center Auditorium and begins at 7:30pm.

Friends and visitors are always welcome.
We will have our usual raffle.
So . . . Remember to bring dollars or flies!

Need directions the to VA Medical Center? Click directions

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Dinner With The Speaker

If you would like to join a few members for dinner (Dutch Treat) before the meeting and with the speaker, please call Richard Steinheider at 585.381.9404, or send an email so an adequate reservation can be made. We will meet at Eric's Office at the north end of Canandaigua at 6pm.

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Travel A Store

Prez sez ...

For the first time in a long time, we had a Board meeting! We run efficiently without the need for Board meetings just to have one. Mostly because we all have a good relationship with each other on the Board and the guys on he Board are interested, and have truly contributed to the great success of this Chapter. I will try to bring some of the important items to your attention.

Thanks to Norm Brust (Chairman), Brian Pitre, Richard Steinheider, Will Faber and myself, we have another great series of meetings planed. Take a look at the schedule either on the Chapter web pages or below. It is quite aggressive, but should be of interest to many. BTW, if you have an idea for a meeting, please pass it on the myself or Norm. Good meeting ideas are not easy to come up with! As I have stated many times, we need your input to make the Chapter meetings and events something that YOU are interested in. Now would be a good time for you to pass on some of your interests and concerns. Please ... feel free to call me (585.360.1812) or send an email.

Just how big is Canandaigua Lake TU? Well at last count we had 186 members and 289 fly fishers on our mailing list (the mailing list is free). Not a member? It's easy, see the Join Our Chapter a bit later in this newsletter.

Next is our Annual Meeting: October 20th. Three Board members need to be elected. If you are interested in being considered for a three year term on the Board, please contact the Nominating Committee Chairman, Norm Brust; telephone 585.615.3710, or email.

We also need NEW LEADERS. We can't continue to have the same people doing all the work. Won't you offer a little assistance? Most positions needed are not that time consuming. It is a great way to find fishing partners for sure. Give me a call if you have any questions or concerns. And if I call you, please be willing to help. "Many hands make light work." That's a quote from my Mother!

I am going fishin' (again)
~~ C

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Scott Feltrinelli

Chris Wood (CEO of Trout Unlimited) makes mention of Scott's conservation project on 4 Mile Creek in Webster in the new summer edition of "TROUT" magazine. Scott is a member of our Chapter and a TU-endorsed Business Guide. He recently just finished another project as a " fly fishing only" destination on a Lake Erie tributary with 87 acres of property attached. Signs go up next week! And, Scott is currently looking at another Lake Ontario creek to start another project hoping to promote education and conservation within our fishery.

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The Fly Shack

Click here to go to The Fly Shack web site.

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A Trophy Fish Checklist

If I had a time machine with a full tank of gas, I’d do a bunch of things, but before I took it back to the rental place I would take it for one last spin back to July 23rd, 2014—just a few weeks ago. I was fishing the Bob, a beautiful freestoner in the Karkanoszy Mountains of southwestern Poland, not far from the Czech-border, where I totally and utterly blew up my chance at my best fish in at least two years. We were staying at the lodge of my friend Igor Glinda, in front of which a high bridge spans the river. One morning Igor interrupted breakfast to tell us that the biggest fish he had seen in at least six months was underneath the bridge eating nymphs. In the few minutes it took me to wader up he had a name and a back-story. I tied on a size 12 Hare’s Ear and went to meet Stanislaw.


It would not be an easy feat. Due the depth of the water behind the bridge, the only possible presentation was from upstream–a hiding spot behind a pylon. I was so preoccupied with presenting from this position and getting him to eat that I didn’t take into account the fact that in order to stick the fish properly I would have to get on my toes, lift my rod over the bridge pylon and reach my arm behind the fish for a sweeping downstream hookset.

In any case, present I did. He ate, I struck, he was there, he was gone.

Afterward I sat on the bridge and thought not only about my hookset, but about all those other things that would have had to go right for me to land the fish. There was plenty I hadn’t taken into account. Getting the presentation right to a wily trophy fish is hard enough. I sat down and, with a deep and sorrowful breath, made a checklist of all those things I have should have thought about.

Aberle Eye Care

1. Identify Your Battleground. The first thing to consider is your plan for playing the fish. What section of water represents your best chance to land this fish, and what can you do during the first few seconds of the fight—those first few seconds when hopefully the fish is more stunned and surprised than you—to dictate to the fish, if not the length of the battle, then at least the battle’s venue? It’s worthwhile to also identify no-go zones—those points of no return where, if your fish surges, you’re prepared to push your tippet to the breaking point.

2. Choose Two Possible Landing Areas. You should have a best case scenario in mind and a worst case scenario. The best case scenario for landing a fish will hopefully be adjacent to your ideal battleground. It will also ideally have some slack or slower water that will aid in your ability to guide a large fish into the net. But it’s always a good idea to have a look downstream just in case things get away from you.

3. Re-Appraise Your Terminal Tackle. Double-check your connections. Are you using very light tippet? What’s the heaviest you can get away with? Will switching over to fluoro get you one more crucial pound? Maybe your weakest connection could be improved by an improved Albright or blood knot. Have you checked for abrasion? Better to retie. How about your hook point? Has your nymph been scraping stones all day? Is it time to resharpen or swap out?

4. Get the Right Hookset. Where and how does your hookset need to happen? Are you making a presentation from upstream? If so, what rod motion are you going to use to make sure you get a downstream hookset and not simply pull the hook out of the fishes mouth? Maybe you’re swinging a spey fly or mouse, in which case you should do absolutely nothing until you feel the weight of the fish. Tell your nerves in advance what they need to do so they don’t react incorrectly.

5. Be Humble. Humility is what allows you to conceive of a checklist in the first place. This is important, and should probably be at the top of the list. It’s the one thing I most lacked before my encounter with Stanislaw. In fact, before presenting to him I made the observation, that I had to that moment hooked and landed every one I had fished to that day.

Is the mental preparation needed to tango with a monster fish complicated? A little. But there are some fish you are only going to encounter a few times in your life. Moving slowly, methodically and deliberately means that, when they finally do invent a time machine, you won’t need to use that last quarter tank to right past piscatorial wrongs. You can see Hendrix, hang out with Vikings, bet on the Spurs to win it all. Leave the fishing for the here and now.
~~ Dave Karczynski

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Trout Power

Click here to go to the Trout Power web site.

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Join Our Chapter

The easy way to join our Chapter is to click on this link, and go to the Trout Unlimited web site. Indicate you would like to join our Chapter (New York: Canandaigua Lake) and then complete the rest of the form. Thanks for joining the Canandaigua Lake TU Chapter (#594).

Attention Women Fly Fishers ...

In the fall of 2012, TU launched a campaign aimed at getting more women to sign up as members. In doing so, women were offered complimentary trial memberships over the course of the year. Over 2,500 women signed up! What a great success. And, TU can boast a 13 percent retention rate so far on these trial members.

But, TU can do more! So, they are pleased to announce the launch of a limited time offer. From March 1 - May 31, TU is reviving the offer to sign up women as new members, at no cost. In addition, women can renew for half price, at a special $17.50 rate. No better time to join the Canandaigua Lake Chapter, or renew, than now.

And to change Chapters ...

Anyone can call TU at 1.800.834.2419 and have their membership moved from one chapter into another chapter of their choice at any point in time.

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Chapter T-Shirts are available at monthly meetings. $15. See Norm Brust or Jean Chaintreuil. Or, send an email request with your name, address, and size (M, L, XL) to Jean Chaintreuil. Inventory is starting to get low.

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Kevin Kram

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For Sale --

Winston and LL Bean rods, like new. Both function well and come with rod tubes. I have reels to match and will negotiate a price if you are interested. (1) Winston Ascent, 8ft, 3wt, 4pc ($225 retail) asking $175. (2) LL Bean Streamlight Ultra, 9ft, 6wt, 4pc ($149 retail) asking $125. Call or email Jessie Hollenbeck to make an offer at (585) 944-6575 or jhollenbeck@wideskyflyfishing.com.

Orvis Access 7 weight rod, 4 piece, brand new. Valued at $495 each. Will sell for $375. Orvis Hydros Rod, 7 weight fast action, 4 piece, in tube. Slightly used. Original retail $595; will accept $300. This is the original Helios Rod. Contact Scott Feltrinelli, Ontario Fly Outfitters, (585) 694-9328 or scottfeltrinelli@yahoo.com.

Simms G-4 Pro Waders: M-Short stocking foot, 7-8 men's foot, 39"-40" girth, 29"-30" inseam, $430 list, No leaks. Call Jean Chaintreuil, 585.360.1812. Best offer.

Items For Sale:  ??? 
E-mail jpc@travela.com with the details and we will list your item(s) for sale. 
How else can we say it? It's a free Want Ad.

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Upcoming Calendar

September 15, Chapter meeting. Trout-N-About Charters.
October 20, Chapter meeting. Fishing Montana, Will Faber and Richard Pecora.
November 17, Chapter meeting. Tom Rosenbauer, Orvis.
December 15, No Chapter meeting.
January 19, Chapter meeting. Fishing Belize, Chapter members.
January 21, Fly Tying School begins.
February 16, Chapter meeting, Saltwater strippers, Scott Feltrinelli.
March 16, Chapter meeting, Evan Bottcher from The Hungry Trout, Lake Placid.
April 20, Chapter meeting, Bayside Fly Shop.
April 25, Fly Fishing School.
May 18, Chapter meeting, Members offer "Tips and Tricks".
June 15, Chapter meeting, TBD.