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Monday, May 18th Meeting:
StreamWalker Nets

Canandaigua Lake TU Chapter will welcome Leif Mermagen, owner of StreamWalker Nets, to its May 18th Chapter meeting.

Leif grew up in Canadice, New York,  in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region, and was very lucky to have parents who loved the outdoors. He decided to build nets that are a blend of usability, strength, ease of carrying, with a high quality look and feel. Being catch and release fishers he decided that all nets will use rubber, "ghost style" net bags. They reflect the safest and easiest options for the fish and fishermen.

The majority of the wood start their lives in the forests of the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York and are milled locally in to rough sawn lumber. The last thing to do happens right before delivery, and that is to sew the net bag to the frame. And a  net is born! Come and learn more.

We meet at the Canandaigua VA Medical Center Auditorium and begin at 7:30pm.

We will have our usual raffle.
So . . . Remember to bring dollars or flies!

Need directions the to VA Medical Center? Click directions

Dinner with the speaker? Meet at Eric's Office at 6pm. Dutch Treat. Please call Jean Chaintreuil at the 585.360.1812, or send an email to confirm.

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Trout Derby ... Volunteers Needed

The Canandaigua Lake Trout Derby has been set for June 6 and 7. And with Canandaigua Lake TU a major sponsor, we will again need a little assistance from members and friends at the weigh station on the north end of the lake. Please contact David Morrow to offer a little bit of your time -- only an hour or two. We are sure you will enjoy your efforts. Thanks. Contact David by email or phone, 1.585.750.2948.

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Sign up NOW for the 1ONE Fly Challenge

Click here for more information and to register.

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DEC Celebrates Earth Day with New Trout Stocking Efforts in Cayuga Creek
New stocking location expands access to public fishing opportunities near Buffalo

Kevin Kram

New trout stocking efforts are underway in Cayuga Creek near Buffalo in Erie County, state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Regional Director Abby Snyder announced today. With the help of local students, DEC stocked approximately 3,000 yearling Rainbow trout for the first time at various points along a mile-long stretch of Cayuga Creek within Como Lake Park, Lancaster, which offers unlimited public fishing access. The announcement is in honor of Earth Week, April 19-25, which Governor Cuomo proclaimed as a week long celebration of New York's commitment and accomplishments to protecting our environment, conserving open space, increasing access to the state's vast and magnificent natural resources, implementing clean energy initiatives and preparing for the effects of climate change.

"Through Governor Cuomo's NY Open for Fishing and Hunting Initiative, DEC is expanding access for anglers," said Regional Director Abby Snyder. "Stocking efforts in this new location will help to enhance trout fishing opportunities for anglers who live near Buffalo. We encourage New Yorkers to get outside and enjoy our incredible outdoor resources not just on Earth Day, but every day."

"Anything we can do to enhance opportunities in Erie County for fishing enthusiasts to better enjoy their leisure time should be commended," said Erie County Parks Commissioner Troy P. Schinzel. "Expanding access and providing further incentive for people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors is an indication that New York State and Erie County are committed to improving public fishing opportunities for all residents."

"The Erie County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs commends DEC for its commitment to providing recreational inland trout fishing for the sportsmen and women of New York State," said Chuck Godfrey, President of the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen. "It's gratifying to see DEC's continuing efforts to increase fishing opportunities in an urban/suburban environment. Erie County sells the most fishing licenses of any County in the State, so it's great to see the increasing of inland trout fishing opportunities here in the County. Using this County Park, with its large amount of public access to Cayuga Creek will help introduce young people to the sport. They are the future of our outdoor sports and our future environmental stewards."


"When we promote fishing in public access waterways like Como Park Lake and Cayuga Creek, we also promote outdoor discovery, family fishing fun and unity with ecology and nature for our present and future generations," said Erie County Fishery Advisory Board Chairman Joe Fischer.

Volunteers and DEC staff stocked Cayuga Creek with yearling Rainbow trout that were reared in DEC's Caledonia Hatchery. Each year in Region 9, DEC's Fish Hatcheries stock approximately 250 miles of streams and 29 ponds and inland lakes, with 176,500 yearly trout, (Brown trout, Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout), plus another 13,000 two year old Brown Trout, in addition to separate Lake Erie, Niagara River or Lake Ontario stockings.

Fishing is an outdoor activity for all seasons in New York State. DEC encourages the public to take advantage of the many free fishing events that will take place this season across the state; a full list of events is available on DEC's website along with weekly updated fishing hotlines and Public Fishing Rights Maps. New York's Free Fishing weekend, which enables anyone to fish New York waters without a license, will take place on June 27-28 and is a great time to introduce someone to the sport of fishing. Governor Cuomo's NY Open for Fishing and Hunting Initiative is an effort to improve recreational opportunities for sportsmen and women and to boost tourism activities throughout the state. This includes streamlining fishing and hunting licenses, reducing license fees, improving access for fishing and increasing hunting opportunities in New York State. In support of this initiative, $10 million in NY Works funding has been dedicated to fish hatchery repairs and 50 new land and water access projects such as boat launches, hunting blinds, trails and parking areas.

Under the initiative, the 2015-16 Enacted Budget proposes an additional $8 million for state land access projects and an additional $4 million for the state's hatcheries in NY Works funding. The Budget also creates a new capital account which along with federal Pittman-Robertson funds will be used to manage, protect and restore fish and wildlife habitat, and to improve and develop public access for fish and wildlife-related recreation.
~~ NYS DECPress Release

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Travel A Store

Prez sez ...

The Chapter is a sponsor of the Annual Canandaigua Lake Trout Derby. This year, Saturday and Sunday, June 6 and 7. We support the weigh station at the north end of the lake. Please contact David Morrow by email or phone, 1.585.750.2948, and volunteer your assistance. It is a fun and interesting couple of hours. A good time to bring friends or family members. Activities take place between the lake and the Inn on the Lake. Lots of action and some big fish! Please call David ASAP. Thanks.

The annual Fly Fishing School was again an outstanding event. Many thanks to Chairman Jim Cantin and all that helped. It continues to be the BEST in the (very wide) area.

Remember the 1ONE Fly Challenge? Scott Feltrinelli has said "I'll be he Chairman. I would like just a little help." So there you have it. We have the 1ONE Fly back on the schedule. The date will be June 13th. If you would like to help, here is an easy job to get involved in a Chapter activity. Please email me or Scott to offer you help. All the details for the 1ONE Fly Challenge are on the Chapter web page. So, click here for more information and to register.

As a result of the Puglisi seminar, we have planned a trip to Campeche (Mexico) for baby tarpon and more fly tying with Enrico. The dates are August 8-15, and there is now only one place still available. Three guys from the Chapter, Richard Steinheider, Brian Pitre and myself, have already "signed up". Cost of this trip is $2,895 plus airfare. With sufficient interest we can also return to Belize and El Pescador Lodge this November. I am holding 4 places at the moment. Please email me or call me (585.360.1812) if you have an interest. Don't delay on either of these trips.

We continue the process of adding more photos of Chapter member's catches, some of our conservation projects, and other related shots. If you have any photos you would like to add to the Photo Gallery page, please email them to me. Don't be bashful.

I goin' fishin'!
~~ C

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From Scott Feltrinelli ...

This sign is a result of my passion and solo effort to create change in policy, promote conservation and increase awareness about our Steelhead fishery on 18 Mile Creek (Lake Erie). I worked for almost a year with the private property owner, the local police, town council and DEC. This is the 2nd fully completed project for me in two years. The 3rd project is approved and will be implemented this summer on a Lake Ontario tributary (catch and release). One man can make a difference!
~~ Scott Feltrinelli

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The Fly Shack

Click here to go to The Fly Shack web site.

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Sight Fishing for Trout – More Tips

Aberle Eye Care

Work Upstream. Trout can only move in one direction, forward, and therefore nearly always point upstream in a riverine environment. Thus, it is important to work upstream in order to avoid being detected. Sure, there are times when working upstream is not desirable, but when looking to spot fish, working upstream whenever possible is your best bet.
Stay Low. 
We don’t mean you have to crawl on your hands and knees. However, trout are believed to have a cone of vision that extends out of the water with an outward bend (due to the refraction of light), leaving around a 1o degree blind spot from the surface to the ‘cone.’ Staying low can keep you nearly invisible at certain distances while attempting to make your cast.
Hold Your Cast. Upon spotting a fish, a common mistake is to make your cast as quickly as possible. Instead, take a moment to study his behavior. If you have done everything right, odds are he has no idea you are there. Perhaps he is moving back and forth between structure and a feeding lane. Or, maybe the fish you spotted isn’t the largest fish in the lie. Study the situation and make your cast when your target is most comfortable.
Let Him Eat. We get it, it’s exciting to watch a fish eat your fly. However, when anglers are able to see the take, they often pull the fly right out of the fish’s mouth (especially on bigger fish). Allow the fish time to close his mouth or turn his head before setting the hook.
Fish Out a Refusal. Being able to watch a fish eat your fly means being able to watch a fish refuse your fly as well. If a fish rolls at your fly but does not take, continue to fish out your drift well below your target. It’s not uncommon for an aggressive fish to ‘stun’ its prey and chase it down a few feet down the run. Furthermore, ripping your fly out of the water immediately after a refusal is a great way to spook the fish as well.
~~ Deneki Outdoors

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Join Our Chapter

The easy way to join our Chapter is to click on this link, and go to the Trout Unlimited web site. Indicate you would like to join our Chapter (New York: Canandaigua Lake) and then complete the rest of the form. Thanks for joining the Canandaigua Lake TU Chapter (#594).

And to change Chapters ...

Anyone can call TU at 1.800.834.2419 and have their membership moved from one chapter into another chapter of their choice at any point in time.

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Chapter T-Shirts are available at monthly meetings. $15. See Norm Brust or Jean Chaintreuil. Or, send an email request with your name, address, and size (M, L, XL) to Jean Chaintreuil. Inventory is starting to get low.

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For Sale --

Winston and LL Bean rods, like new. Both function well and come with rod tubes. I have reels to match and will negotiate a price if you are interested. (1) Winston Ascent, 8ft, 3wt, 4pc ($225 retail) asking $175. (2) LL Bean Streamlight Ultra, 9ft, 6wt, 4pc ($149 retail) asking $125. Call or email Jessie Hollenbeck to make an offer at (585) 944-6575 or jhollenbeck@wideskyflyfishing.com.

Simms G-4 Pro Waders: M-Short stocking foot, 7-8 men's foot, 39"-40" girth, 29"-30" inseam, $430 list, No leaks. Call Jean Chaintreuil, 585.360.1812. Best offer.

Items For Sale:  ??? 
E-mail jpc@travela.com with the details and we will list your item(s) for sale. 
How else can we say it? It's a free Want Ad.

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Upcoming Calendar

May 18, Chapter meeting, StreamWalker Nets.
June 6 and 7, Canandaigua Lake Trout Derby
June 13, 1ONE Fly
June 15, Chapter meeting, TBD.