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Monday, March 20th Meeting:
Andrew Steel Nesbit

The Canandaigua Lake Trout Unlimited Chapter will welcome angler and photographer Andrew Steel Nesbit to this month's meeting, Monday, March 20th, at the Canandaigua VA Medical Center Auditorium which will begin at 7:30pm. Drew is the Fishing Manager at the Orvis store in Buffalo and is a Freelance Graphic Designer. Previously he also worked at Buffalo Outfitters. Drew will combine his love for photography and fly fishing to talk about "a life well captured" and a "moment in time".

We will have our usual raffle.
So . . . Remember to bring dollars or flies!

Need directions the to VA Medical Center? Click here for directions

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Dinner with the Speaker: Please call Jean Chaintreuil (585.360.1812) if you would like to join a few memebers and the speaker for dinner (Dutch Treat) at Eric's Office ... meet at 6pm.

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A Note from Don Bennett

Just a note to update everyone on my health. Linda and I have been lifted up by all the wonderful prayers and good wishes from so many of you that have resulted in a major improvement in my cancer. While not a cure, my improvement has me able to exercise and do many of the things I love do again, including fishing. God bless all of you for your part in this small miracle. Love, Don and Linda

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Click here for Stocked Trout Streams in Western New York.

Click this link for list of Wild Trout (no stocking) in Western New York.

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Chapter Facebook page

Thanks to Scott Feltrinelli, who has set up a Canandaigua Lake Trout Unlimited group page. Join in with your comments and photos and watch for Chapter announcements as well. Click on this link to get to the page; you can also type "Canandaigua Lake Trout Unlimited" in the Facebook search bar. Hope to see you there!

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10 Tips for Taking Great Fishing Photos

1) A good camera is half the battle. Digital is the only way to go, and prices on high-resolution cameras have plummeted while technology has improved. An SLR is ideal, but many point-and-shoot models can take phenomenal photos. Be sure that the camera is set to take photos at high resolution.

2) Always pay attention to the lighting. The sun should almost always be at the photographer’s back, and beware of any shadows on the subject. It’s important to hold the fish at an angle that shows it to the camera and keeps it well lit by the sun.

3) Watch your focus! Most cameras will auto-focus on a specific spot within the frame. Make sure that the auto-focus is focusing on the fish, not on the angler or on something in the background.

4) Keep it simple. Start with the automatic mode on your camera. You don’t need to mess with the fancy settings to get a good shot! For more control, try the nearly-automatic “program” mode, which allows you to control the flash. Learn a few of the camera’s presets for specific scenarios like action, macro, and low light photography if you want to experiment.

5) Keep the big picture in mind. What is going on in the background? Are there empty coffee cups and a cluttered console? Water makes a great background, but having the rod and reel, a lure, or a shoreline in the photo helps tell the story of how the fish was caught.

6) Learn how to use the fill flash on your camera. The flash is not just for low-light scenarios. On bright days, you can use it to fill in shadows. You should also always use it if there are shadows on the subject that cannot be avoided.

7) Don’t be afraid to be a director! Tell the subject how to move and position the fish to get the best shot. Have the subject “model” the fish and work it, but try not to make it look too posed. It should seem as if the person isn’t aware that they’re being photographed.

8) Always try to shoot a photo from different angles. Get down low, get up high. Photos taken at an angle always look more dramatic than those taken straight on. Get in the habit of shooting vertically, not just horizontally. If you want your photo to be on the cover of OTW, it has to be vertical!

9) Review Your Shots. After taking the first few photos, review them on your camera to make sure they’re coming out OK. Perhaps you need the fill flash, or perhaps you left the camera on the wrong setting the last time you used it. Correct any fundamental issues, then fire away. Don’t wait until the fish is onboard to start shooting – capture the action of the fight, the landing and the celebration to tell the complete story.

10) The person holding the fish should almost always look at the fish, not the camera. It should seem as if the person is acting naturally and isn’t aware that they’re being photographed. They should look happy, not mean. Fishing is supposed to be fun.
~~ Andy Nabreski

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The Fly Shack

Click here to go to The Fly Shack web site.

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Free Family TU Memberships

Aberle Eye Care

TU is pleased to launch a new Free Family Membership Upgrade offer to any existing Trout Unlimited member -- for a limited time only! By signing up and adding the names and information for the family members living in your household at www.tu.org/family membership, you will enjoy the benefits of a TU family membership for the duration of your regular membership for free.

These benefits include:
• Ensuring your family members feel that great sense of belonging to the nation’s leading trout and salmon conservation organization.
• Additional family members can expect to receive communications and invitations to local, statewide and national events and activities, like for example one of our dozens of chapter-hosted women's specific fly fishing seminars or youth fishing days.
• A complimentary copy of Stream Explorers magazine for any youth under age 12.
• All members of the household will be able to create a unique member profile on www.tu.org to engage in our online community, join discussion groups, access member-only content such as the digital version of TROUT Magazine,
• and more ...

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Join Our Chapter

The easy way to join our Chapter is to click on this link, and go to the Trout Unlimited web site. Indicate you would like to join our Chapter (New York: Canandaigua Lake) and then complete the rest of the form. Thanks for joining the Canandaigua Lake TU Chapter (#594).

And to change Chapters ...

Anyone can call TU at 1.800.834.2419 and have their membership moved from one chapter into another chapter of their choice at any point in time.

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Chapter T-Shirts are available at monthly meetings. $15. See Norm Brust or Jean Chaintreuil. Or, send an email request with your name, address, and size (M, L, XL) to Jean Chaintreuil. Inventory is starting to get low.

For Sale --

7 wt. rod/reel/line package.. LOOP Cross S1 rod, LOOP Opti Runner reel, Cortland Trout Boss HTX line. Used one season. Like new. A $1,700 value; asking $650. Contact Scott Feltrinelli, 585.694.9328.

Simms G-4 Pro Waders: M-Short stocking foot, 7-8 men's foot, 39"-40" girth, 29"-30" inseam, $430 list, No leaks. Call Jean Chaintreuil, 585.360.1812. Best offer.

Brand new, never used Helios 2 fly rod, 9 weight, valued at $795. Add a Mirage V 9 weight reel valued at $400 and new line and backing retailing at $80. Selling entrie package for $900. Contact Scott Feltrinelli, 585.694.9328.

Items For Sale:  ??? 
E-mail jpc@travela.com with the details and we will list your item(s) for sale. 
How else can we say it? It's a free Want Ad listing for your salable items.

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Upcoming Calendar

February 20, Field & Stream, Ethan Law.
March 12, Oatka Fish & Game Club, Conclave #2, 9am-4pm
March 20, Andrew Steele Nisbitt, fishing and photography in Western New York.
April 17, Jim Drone, Local stream fly patterns and how to fish them.
May 15, Lee Weil from Deer Lee Beloved Flies, custom bass bugs and more.
June 2-4, Hendrickson Hatch Fly Fishing Tournament, Salmon River, Malone.
June 10, Annual 1ONE Fly Challenge.