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Fly Tying School

Recommended Equipment

We are recommending equipment so that students are prepared with tools that will enhance the enjoyment of the class. There are many kits, tools and choices in the marketplace; and some are of inferior quality. We recommend you purchase individual tools of quality that are recommended below without spending a fortune. We are listing equipment in order of importance for the class.

Vise – A platform vise does not require a table with a lip, and does not damage the surface of the table, but they are more expensive and a clamp on vise is adequate for the class. The main issue is the quality of the jaws that hold the hook during tying. A few loaner vises are available to borrow with a $40 refundable deposit. For buying a first vise, consider the "Super AA Vise" from J. Stockard ($12.95) or the "EZ Rotary Vise" from Orvis ($69).

Thread – Uni-Thread brand – a good quality thread that does not easily break.

Bobbin – Ceramic Bobbins – anything other than ceramic will break the thread.

All Other Tools – Dr Slick brand tools – Are of decent quality that will last.

  Brand MSRP
6/0 Uni-Thread Waxed Black UNI Products $2.38
8/0 Uni-Thread Waxed Black UNI Products $2.38
Ceramic Bobbin, 3" Dr Slick $14.55
Bobbin Threader, 5 1/2" brass Dr Slick $5.85
All purpose Scissors, 4" Straight Dr Slick $15.95
Whip Finisher, 4" brass Dr Slick $7.85
Hackle pliers, non-skid jaw Dr Slick $5.85
Bodkin 5", w/ half-hitch tool Dr Slick $5.85
Economy hair stacker, standard Just Simply $4.55
Dubbing wax Any $5.00


Local Sources:

Carl Coleman's Fly Shop,, 4786 Ridge Road West, Spencerport, NY 14559, 585.352.4775.

Bass Pro Shops, , .1579 Clark Street Road, Auburn, NY 13022, 315.258.2700.

LL Bean,, Eastview Mall, 60 Eastview Mall Drive, Victor, NY 14564, 888.552.5583.

Orvis Pittsford,, Pittsford Plaza, 3349 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618, 585.586.3956.

Field & Stream,, Market Place Mall, Rochester.

Other Sources:

Feather Crafters,

J. Stockard Fly Fishing,

Please note that all items may not be available at a single source.